Welcome to the School of Confidence

The School of Confidence was created in 2013 to give back to aspiring producers and beatmakers looking to stand out amongst a sea of talent in the hip hop world.  This is an online virtual environment where students can interact with Confidence and learn his years of secrets. Get ready to submerge yourself in five weeks of hip hop knowledge.

Click on the “What you will learn” link to take a look at the syllabus of what we’ll be covering in class. Read through the testimonials and familiarize yourself with some of the affiliations that have been made. All you need is hardware/software, and the ability to tune and timestretch your samples.  Confidence will take care of the rest. Aside from Confidence’s keen ability to produce timeless hip hop tracks, he’s also forged several relationships with labels and other entities to give students a chance to get their music heard once ready.  That’s right, if the music speaks for itself, it will be given an outlet to get heard and placed.   Confidence has worked with people from all parts of the world since starting the school providing students with life-long skills to become better at their craft in hip hop production.